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Fox News books Donald Trump to ring in 2016 on New Year's Eve telecast

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump will be ringing in the new year with Fox News, the media company announced on Tuesday.

Trump will be live with the station in Florida during the 11 o'clock hour on New Year's Eve to celebrate the beginning of 2016.

Trump will join hosts Kim Guilfoyle and Eric Bolling for Fox News' 'All-American New Year' telecast.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump will be ringing in the new year with Fox News on their live telecast in Florida

'Trump will be live from Florida during the 11 o'clock hour and stay on through midnight,' Fox announced.

Across the channels, it appears that Ryan Seacrest will be with ABC, Carson Daly will be on NBC and CNN's celebration will feature Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin.

In a promo for Trump's appearance on the the telecast, Fox News announced they would be hearing from other 2016 presidential candidates, but did not specify which ones or if they would appear live.

Guilfoyle and Bolling announced the GOP front runner's appearance on Monday's episode of The Five.

New Year's Eve celebrations on Fox News kick off at 9pm on December 31.

It is unknown who else will be joining Guilfoyle and Bolling for the night's festivities - but there could be some classing if Fox News' Megyn Kelly swings by.

The last time the two faced off Kelly questioned Trump about demeaning statements he'd made toward women over the years.

He complained afterward that Kelly acted unprofessionally and claimed she was so angry after the exchange that she had 'blood coming out of her wherever'.

The interaction began an on-again, off-again feud with Fox that had Trump warning that he might sit the network's next debate if he felt he'd be treated unfairly again.

But with the presidential candidate celebrating with Fox News on December 31, perhaps a new leaf is being turned in the new year.

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