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Stylewatch: which of the Camerons got the Sexy Fish dress code memo?

Finally, finally, the Tories go to Sexy Fish. All of our Christmas wishes have come at once. The whys and wherefores you can discuss elsewhere, but ALL this fashion chamber cares about is did they get the dress code right? Faced with the challenge of attending London’s Hottest Eatery™, would the Camerons panic-buy some Versace and WhatsApp Nancy Dell’Olio for some styling advice? Alas, it seems they did not. Sam Cam sidestepped the expectation to “go for glitter” and instead chose a rather tasteful box-shaped tunic top with an olive neckline and white detail on the sleeves. Cropped trousers, olive shoes, and a discreet handbag finished the look. She even threw in the Victoria Beckham, face-shield-cum-fake phone paparazzi manoeuvre which makes for a better photo face. She literally could not look more Fashion – and on point – if she tried. It matters little whether the top was Whistles or Wickstead, the point is that Sam Cam stubbornly refused to go for the full Sexy Fish. Different matter for Mr Cameron, though. Close analysis of the male Sexy Fish look reveals that there are two acceptable choices at the restaurant: either it’s all about chest hair, shredded denim and Ronaldo-level hair gel, or you go for hedgefund chic – the usual suit, a “playtime” approach to your collar (ie no tie) and a porcine flush. Disappointingly, the PM stayed within the Sexy Fish parameters. A stylewatch fail.


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